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It is Required

by Anonymous | Score: 2300

Layla lay in the bed, staring at the ceiling. One thing was for sure, being in the hospital was BORING!
Nothing to do, no one interesting to talk to, nothing. 
Layla lifted herself up on one arm as she heard a sudden loud thud from outside her window. Layla stared at the window, her eyes widening. What on earth was that?
Something popped up in front of her window, and Layla barely resisted the urge to scream in response. Then she relaxed, recognizing her friend, Shalen.
She swung her legs off of the bed, and walked over. She swung open the window, and grinned at Shalen bemusedly. "Why on earth are you here? Especially in the middle of the night."
Shalen scowled at her. "This weirdo said I had to come get you."
Layla looked, as suddenly there appeared another person. But he was dressed odd, almost like he lived in the middle ages. "And what's your name?" she asked.
"My name is of no consequence. I have been sent to retrieve you. Your people need you."
"What on earth..." Layla muttered, "Alright, who exactly are 'my people'? Why are you dressed like that? Why are you TALKING like that."
The strange man suddenly looked proud, raising his head up, and eyes shining in the hospital glare. "You indeed ask many questions. It is an unusual attribute. I am proud to have been chosen to inform you of your duty. It "
"WHAT duty? What is my duty? Where did you come from? Shalen, where did this guy come from?"
Shalen shrugged. "He just showed up on my

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