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end of the world girls

by g | Score: 1850

She looks at the sky, hmm, "less scary than i expected", she thinks. She bends down to pick up a packet of seeds from the closet where she has been collecting them, waiting for this moment. "we'll be just fine" she assures herself, "we've made ourselves to be prepared".  

I, Myself, have never been so prepared, but I'm grateful for her. She, and her practicality will allow us to survive whatever is to come.

He approaches, stern as always and full of questions that he has already answered for himself. Of course we are not well enough prepared, of course we haven't taken enough head to his requests. We will perish per his edict, less we change our plan to follow his. His will is strong, but we know better, we have lived here for years before his arrival and will live here for years after his departure.

She and I return to our field, overlooking the great, big sky with it's falling meteors. We will scavenge, save and carry all that we can. We will can and store the rest. The great waste of the living crop grieves us both, but in silence. Nothing truly lives here but necessity. 

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