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Stuck in between

by Melissa V | Score: 1600

My life was perfect i had everything i needed. I had a amazing  husband, two wonderful kids and a lazy fat cat. I had it all, until May 14. I got a call, it was my children's school telling me that they were not present in class which was odd since I was the one to drop them off that morning. I was surprised that both of my children would ditch my daughter Margret will never leave or ditch class she was a very responsible women, my youngest Dean will never do such thing he had lost of homework to finish. I called my husband to ask him if he knew what was going on but he didn't answer his phone, I called again, again, again, and again. Soon i called him 10 times with no responce. I then got worried. I look out my window and saw this strange looking women. She was young but pale, had on a white torn up dresses with dirt stanes on the bottom. I got out of the car and went up to her. I first she said, "I am sorry" I looked at her confused why was she sorry what did she do. "you died in a car accident, thats why your kids are not at school and why you husband is not answering"  she explained. I looked at her with horror but I thought she was pulling a joke on me. "you are lying  I know you are" but omce i stared to walk away the wholr world turned white all blank. I droped to the grand and cried. 

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