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The Plane Crash

by Bridget Russell | Score: 5050

Day one: I woke up. I had almost forgotten the plane crash. I had no idea where I was. Day 2: I saw a small plush dog floating near by. It made me sad. I wish the little kid made it. I like this plush he is going to be my friend now. Day 3: The plane crash couldn't have killed everyone. If everyone was killed then it would just be me and the little kids plush dog. I just found a water bottle and an uncrustable so it's getting better. Day 3: A man floated up. He yelled," Don't look at me I look ugly after the crash." I responded telling him I don't care. He said," No! I need to keep my public image. I am a TV producer." He so sensitive! Then we just looked at each other. A really quick break in the silence was a small spice bottle that bobbed up and hit him. He responded that with a pained grunt and he must have already been hurt because he started to float down. I swam over and dove down. I grabbed him and brought him up." Are you ok?" I asked." No."
Day 4: "I always wanted to be an astrologer. I am going to be one. I am ambitious." He said. He had been talking about this all day. The only sane one her was the plush dog. I said," How about this. I'll give you this paint brush if you come over and help me figure out a plan." I quickly grab a paint brush." Haha, No!"  He said. Day 5: I was very upset he still wouldn't move. I will end this dumb dude. After this he went on about this thing called a slight bailiff. I had no idea what that is. It felt like I have been here for 30 days.
Day 6: He finally had come over. We sat and he was actually really nice. If we were not here in the ocean, stranded. We found a map floating around. By now the plane had sunk and we used some of the scraps to make a small raft. Day 7: He was being more amazing than even. We had got a sort of system now for food and water. We had been using the map trying to find land. It hasn't been successful. Day 8: He noticed my stuffed dog he doesn't like it. He made me mad today. Day 9: We kissed today. Day 10: We found an island. No one was there. By now we had no idea where we were. Day 10: We both really like each other. We decided to 'date'. Of course it is a little different since we aren't a normal couple. Day 11: We had been making a small place for us. I like him. We also like fishing and have not be hungry for like and hour! Day 12: We made a lovely dinner. It wasn't big but it was the first one in our new hut. I love him. He isn't as crazy anymore.

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Event An airplane crashes
Prop Include a plush dog
Words Reach 50 words
Letter Use the letter K
Words Reach 100 words
Character A sensitive television presenter
Event Silence
Prop Include a spice bottle
Letter Use the letter R
Character An ambitious astrologer
Prop Include a paint brush
Event An important deal falls through
Words Reach 200 words
Letter Use the letter D
Character A slight bailiff
Event Someone falls in love
Prop Include a map

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