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bro idk

by Anonymous | Score: 3500

it was quiet in the morning when jackson realized that the computer had been compromised. the realization made his heart sink down to his ass.

quickly, he grabbed the box of expo markers next to him on the desk and began to fly through them, ripping off the caps and scribbling things down onto the windows in front of him. it didn't make any sense - how could someone so easily steal his information?

he felt like throwing up. his arms ached and he tried everything his brain could come up with to make sense of the events.

he couldnt - his muscles bunched, reminding him that he was becoming something else, he was turning into a harder version of himself. it was almost scary.

then he noticed the time. 'fuck' he thought, scrambling to grab his phone. it was past the time he was supposed to be at work. his boss was going to crucify him.

he hit the call button and not two seconds after his boss had answered did he here "jackson? jackson, if this is you, you're fired. this is the third time this week you've been over an our late to your shift."

jackson heaved back a bit of a sob as he slammed the phone down next to a stack of comic books on his desk. first, his top secret zicanthrium texiles were stolen off of his hard drive, anbd then he had lost his job at zaddy's zoo emporium and zany zlabs of meat. it was all in all a pretty bad day.

all hbe had to do next was call his best friend, mayanne, but she was probably in art history class.

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