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star wars 2

by kim jong un | Score: 7000

4 years after the destruction of north korea had created world peace an enthusiastic barbarian sought to end it all with a sword in the right hand and a paint brush in the left he was going to destroy the questoinable ethics of the queens quadratic forces of quick quarlles. this is when he met an adventurous aircraft engineer who hadnt slept in days hsi name was nick waller. the barbaian handed nick a pair of worn saftey goggles but nick declined. they were suddenly surrounded by bees. weeks before in barbaria the governer of barbaria had fired the enthusuasic barbarian amd he is almost put to death 
this is when he saw a distant clock maker and put on worn water goggles that were magical. they could injure anyones dog so he injured the governers dog. 
the barbarian had no choice but to buy a whip and become fred the curious firefigher he returned to nick andn it turns out nick was deatly ill and later passed away. fred swore to avenge him and kill cancer. but first he needed help. he went to LA and found a superficial shop assistant with a pasta strainer on his head. his name was joe 
"what are you up to" said fred
"just looking after my pregnant wife" said joe '
on the radio a man was speaking about the death of cancer. he was killed by a mature pharmacist by the name of august.

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