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trace is walking down the streew with his dog that he falls in love with so he looked down and saw a tube of tooth paste an becomes a TA and is very patient and his other assistant is the opposit sex and her name was xaiveir and she declaired she was sexy on xmas day and xmas eve, and she had a packet of seeds then she eats them then a director walks in and say my name is jeff and walks away, so then i was lik what are you doing buddy boy and he screamed like a girl then civilization ends then i here on the radio hello this is a somber clock maker then he said nuggets like chicken nuggets then he said it is pouring outside with shirt buttons with an independnt curator then he said hi dead civilization then he said include 200 words ind u havent slept in days then i stept on o fork in the rode and see a warm hearted pharmicist with a queen listening to queen while the queens glass shatters and then she stoped listening to queen then the queen sat at a dest and said i like yo cut g and then i became a touchy barbariean so then i said hello to the queen then world peace is achived then i flew a toy plane then i become a noisey astrologer a

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