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Baby crying

by Me | Score: 1700

The first time Haruka fell fear was when his little brother was born. Before that, Haruka was the baby brother of the family, so Kaguya's birth was a new experience for him. He was scared, his mommy's screams were too loud, and his older brothers or father weren't there, so, he was scared!

Grandma was the only one there, she was inside the room were mommy was giving birth, a place where Haruka couldn't enter.

So, the little boy was impatient and scared, and all his felling just get more intense when he saw grandma running away from the room and a baby starting to cry.

This was the first time that Haruka heard a baby cry, he was only six at the time, however, he jump to the room, alarmed, expecting to see his mommy quickly as possible.

She was in the bed, a servant at her side, meanwhile, another servant was holding a baby, that was also the first time Haruka saw a baby.

He was uglu

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