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War, Maps, and Babies

by Sunny | Score: 3750

As I watched the news scroll across the TV I grew panicked and scared. War had just been declared. 
My grandfather called to me. 
"Lia! Lia, come over here,". I walk over and sit on the arm of his chair. There is something I must show you. He walked over to a locked cupboard and opened it with the key he always wore around his neck. He handed me an old map. 
"What does this have to do with the war?" 
Before he can answer my father walked over and started yelling at grandpa about giving me something so foolish. They got into a big argument resulting in a fight. I ran out of the house, I ran and ran until I walked into a pharmacy. Someone was yelling. I looked up, it was the pharmacist. She was yelling at a quite mature looking bank clerk. 
I quickly turned around walking out again. I went over to my friends house so she could help me with the map. 
When I arrived it seemed like they where having a party. I found my friend in the kitchen, that's when I sliped on a soy sauce packet. 
"What's going on here?!" I shout at my friend over all the noise. MY mom just had a baybey she replies

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