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The Flying Trio

by Anonymous | Score: 2700

A massive formation zoomed toward the Earth at 100 miles per hour. It was a meteor, 45 feet long. Beside it flew a sleek space-jet, a Zorian, model 7. Inside, the Zeros frantically sent an emergency signal down to home base. "This is the Captain speaking! The citizens need to immediately evacuate to the bunkers! A meteor is coming! Class 17! Hurry!"
They would not know if the signal was sent or not, for little did they know, Death was the third member of the flying trio. The Captain, cursing beneath his breath, suddenly reached up and brushed his fingers along a keychain in the shape of a star. "Get them out of there," he muttered. 
"Cap'n?" asked First Mate. 
"Nothing. Try the signal again." 
"Breakfast!" a female crewmate, the cheery one, the Captain remembered, crowed. Seeing their downcast expressions, she sighed, placing the warm trays on a nearby table. "I know it's bad," she said, "but what can we do? The signal's all static, and the exterior warblasters are damaged after the run-in with those Yowlers."
"We don't give up hope," the quietest member of the Zorian murmured, the philosopher, the Captain noted. "Even if we give up our lives, we'll die trying to save those lives down there. You know how they say: Once away..."
"Always away, yeah, yeah, we've got it Bonehead," the First Mate growled. "Now's not the time. Try the signal again."
"There's no point," the Captain said, contradicting his earlier instructions. "We've ought to find another way. Maybe a quick repair on the antennae."
"Won't work," the cheerful crewmate replied. "Our suits took some heavy blows."
"Well then," the Captain said. "Looks like we'll blow her up then."

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Event Breakfast is served
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