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A cold winter

by Willow | Score: 2800

Winter is long and cold, the world seems to have frozen. The icy lake, the bald trees, and the crispy chilling winds -- everything seems to be paler. Do you think I am a summer admirer? Well, you're wrong here; I had always loved the cold. But what do we call this feeling when the feeling of coldness waves over you in the middle of July in the northern hemisphere.
I feel broken from the inside, I feel cold - like my heart is frozen and even the hot sunny days can't seem to melt it. The world has come to a stop, and the people have seemed to lost their colors. 
"Miss, I think it's time for you to go...", a smooth voice brought me back to reality. I seem to have forgotten my purpose of coming to this place, life is undoubtedly hard when you have to rely on others to show you direction - to show you the colors; and the worse thing is, you can't see them anymore. 
My world has turned pitch black and it all happened on one fateful day. The day that was supposed to be the most colorful day of my life. Was I born this way? No, perhaps this was another reason for me to hate my condition, to hate my life, and to feel aimless. I was born in colors, with an amazing perception. I was an artist. Well not anymore. Thanks to the people who felt, it would be amazing to drink and drive in the middle of the day; racing past seventy kmph. 
Ugh, the world seems to be cold; well it undoubtedly is, especially when you spend most of your time locked in a walk-in freezer. After all, there are some people whom I need to show the colors too - but they seem to grow paler, with every passing day.

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