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Before... Part 5

by April | Score: 3550

  And we're back on track! The voices chanted. I was sure that by now the entire school was surrounding us. After what seemed like hours, the bell rang again and the chanting stopped, but Belle and I kept fighting. I heard footsteps retreating and moving around as a firm hand separated Belle and me. It was the principle.
  I gulped. Not only was the principle the only reason the school was doing so well, he was also a popular craftsperson. My mom knew him personally. I think the only who dispissed him was my older brother, Matt. The reason was my brother had gotten in trouble almost every day when he was in school. One time, he had gotten in a fight over a pack of seeds. Another time, he got in a fight with some boy who had a crush on his girlfriend.
  "What is going on here?" the principle's voice boomed through the hallways.
  "This little brat shoved me," Belle explained.
  "She wouldn't let me get to my locker!" I argued.
  "It was your fault my morning was ruined!" Belle spat.
  "I'm not the reason your life is miserable!" I spat back.
  "OK, girls!" the principle interrupted. "Both of you, in my office. The rest of you," he turned to look at the rest of the students who were still standing around waiting to see what happened, "go to your classes."
  Immediately, the students obeyed and dispersed like ants. For some reason, ants made me think of forks. Maybe because of sandwiches. But what does a fork have to do with a sandwich?
  "Do either of you care to explain what happened?" the principle asked once we were in his office. He had his hands folded on top of the desk and Belle and I were seated across from him.
  "It's her fault," Belle and I chorused.

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Event Someone falls in love
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Prop Include a fork
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