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Clone Ambulance World Peace

by Anonymous | Score: 1750

"Where the hell is the ambulance?"

Heart attack at an 8th street high rise, where sunlight arranges modern art upon the untouchable glass.  Unquenchable dusk pours into the lips of the city, feeding the screeches and livid phone callers from inside, hazing the horizon beyond the parking lot.

Banana peels hazard the cool shadows, along with guns and mobs and virulent secretaries who would kill to preserve post-work quiet - quintessentially, the home and the hospital well-explain why people die in so many stupid ways.

"Oh, you know. Maybe someone pulled a quad. Fundraising from poor saps who can't consent to the ride bill might be down."

"Maybe it was a false alarm." Aria eyes Polaris, tracing down to Orion, as if it would clear anything up.

Sirens hum beneath the tense wind.

"Jacob?" she croaks.


"That's supposed to be us."

"But. It's not. I mean, it's probably not us, unless some evil clones of us escaped their lab in Anartica..."

"We have found the peaceful solution," they harmonize, an indistinguishable series of noise yet a final-symphony chord of identical tones. "You are to be exterminated. Exactly. Now."

"Don't you guys have a justice system?"

"Yeah, I would be a 

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Character A zealous fundraiser
Event World peace is achieved

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