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Jesse never intended to be a bother to anyone. Perhaps that is why she felt bad when Farmer Mullins saw her with her head chopped off.

Or maybe she felt bad because even if she was designed to be able to be taken apart, having one's head chopped off still hurt.

"Excuse me? Sir?" Jesse snapped her fingers to get the poor old man's attention off her bloody neck. "I need some toothpaste stat if I want to get this head back on before I bleed out." She wasn't an engineer for nothing, after all.

The farmer gaped at her. His eyes seemed permanently widened into a size that made him look like the alien of the two. Since he seemed incapable of speech at the moment, Jesse took it upon herself to head right into his house. Silently, the farmer followed. Perhaps he would speak once she wasn't so bloody.

Jesse rummaged in the kitchen for some toothpaste. She found a saucepan, a wishbone, and a pair of spaghetti knives, but not a single tube to be found. It was only once she had turned the whole place upside down that she remembered humans kept their toothpaste in the bathroom.

Farmer Mullins' wife, a zealous cleric, was in the bathroom when she arrived. The quaint woman was quietly seated on the bathroom floor, deep in thought. Jesse had to clear her throat a couple times before the woman looked up. "Toothpaste," the bloody girl said. "Quickly."

The woman reached into a drawer and smeared the paste straight onto Jesse's bloody stump. The blood flow quickly slowed to a complete stop, and it was quite a relief to the alien. She had spent almost three hours on the hike to the farmer's house.

"I imagine you gave my husband quite a scare," the wife said with a smile as she cleaned up Jesse's stump with a bar of soap.

Jesse shrugged. "Comes with the territory."

"How did this happen anyway?"

"I was working on a construction project. I promised the lady down the lane that I would build her a new shelf, but there was an accident with the saw."

"It would seem so." The wife continued to inspect Jesse's neck and leaned back with a nod. "The blood has stopped for now, but I want to watch you for the next couple hours just to be sure. We can't have you walking around town without a head, anyway."

"Thanks, but I need the head by the end of the day. I have to go into town to buy bread for my mom."

The cleric sighed. "Very well. Let me get my keys, and we'll see if there are any in the field ready to be harvested." She grabbed a key chain from a drawer and waved a hand at Farmer Mullins, who was still mute. "It'll be just a moment, love. We have to go get this lovely girl a new head."

The farmer just nodded and waved goodbye as they left t

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