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A pleasant dinner

by Cyberpotatoe | Score: 1750

it all started with a family dinner. uncle henry was babbling on and on about financial issues and the coming viruses that will wipe out two thirds of the population - you are never quite sure whether he was simply making a joke, or to Nancy's preference, been completely satirical.
Nancy was drifting in and out of the conversation when someone said something that caused quite a stir: it's Simon! 
Simon was auntie Molly's dog, eight years and a half.
Simon was hit by a car!
Now that is not good news. Nancy shifted uncomfortably in her chair, she had played with Simon when he was just a puppy and she was a kindergartener, now that she is older, she realized that Aunt Molly was homophobic, so she no longer visited.  That was perfectly reasonable, however, she could not help but feel guilty of deserting the helpless creature......
Her thoughts are interrupted by the roar of the engine of an airplane. "Jolly Joyce!" stammered Uncle Henry, spilling a whole glass of martini on himself, he was found of uttering made-up swear words as if they are tt

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