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sam the wolf

by king mason jones | Score: 4350

once opon a time a wolf name sam he is thirteen years old the townspeople is finding wolves why did you did that sam said shut your cup said hunter he is drinking nothing in a mug so sam hunt some chickens why you said farmer i dont care sam shouted his mom is sick one day sam struck by lightning and sam turned into a wolf man o dairy oxen said farmer and get out said sam so the farmer left thats what you get growled max as he runs back into his cave and mother passed away mother yes dear groan mom i am so sorry said sam it is not your fault it was that hunter said mom as sam growl to make a earthquake on the hunter to get thrown into the sky the end

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Event Civilization has come to an end
Begin Start typing to begin
Character A respectful mortician
Event Your character is being watched
Letter Use the letter Y
Words Reach 50 words
Prop Include a coffee mug
Character A childish firefighter
Letter Use the letter E
Prop Include a banana
Event Everything stops
Words Reach 100 words
Character An adventurous bank clerk
Prop Include a soccer ball
Character A distant advertising executive
Event Your character travels into the future

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