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oh yuh

by shawty sexy elizabeth | Score: 4150

Everything had come to a pause. Our city was in ruins. It all had been burnt down. You look to your left and see a broken sink and toilet, and to your right is a smashed piano. There was nothing left. We all asked ourselves where do we go from here? What are we supposed to do? Where are we supposed to go? It was just the janitor, the CEO of Google, a laboratory technician, who was quite stubborn, and me. We are walking around what used to be our city, but now was just dirt. Turning the corner, I saw the package I was anticipating the other day. I opened the package with excitement anticipating my favorite lotion to be ruined but it was perfectly intact. All of a sudden, we hear the buzzing noise of an airplane crashing. If our city wasn't ruined before, it for sure is now. The janitor calls the handsome but zealous firefighter to come save the day. Let me tell you that was exactly what he did, and I was not complaining. I felt like Tris in Divergent, without my family and friends, I felt like nothing. Somehow my mother's pin that's a bow made it through the attack. 

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Prop Include a piano
Event Civilization has come to an end
Words Reach 50 words
Letter Use the letter I
Character An unwilling laboratory technician
Words Reach 100 words
Event A package is delivered
Letter Use the letter P
Prop Include a bottle of lotion
Event An airplane crashes
Character A zealous firefighter
Letter Use the letter A
Words Reach 200 words
Prop Include a bow

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