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by M.C. Dean | Score: 2400

It was dark.
It was cold.
A bus whizzed past, splattering me with rain. The moon was high in the sky, a white shadow on the canvas of the dark night.
I wrap my hoodie tighter around myself. A bitter wind gusts past, blowing my dark hair about. I won't think about them. Not today.

Mom and Dad were alcoholics. They didn't care about me, they just cared about alcohol and where to get more. They stole my money I was saving up for college, they insulted me and abused me, to such an extent that I cracked.
I ran away.

All of a sudden I hear footsteps coming down the quiet street. It's a girl, with dark hair, dark eyes and a pretty face. 

Then she stops as she's about to pass me. She turns around and peers down at me.

She's young, about the same age as me, and she looks like she just got home from a party.  A drink stain is on her dress and she looks annoyed.

"Hi," I croak. 

"Hi," she says. "Let me guess...you ran away?" 

I nod my head, feeling embarrassed in my scruffy hoodie.

"Come on," she snaps, and grabs my sleeve. I let myself be dragged down the street towards a tall, redbrick house with a black door.

The girl grabs a key out of her pocket and unlocks the door and beckons me inside.

The hallway is dark, the floorboards are creaky and the stairs are narrow. There's a Chanel bag on the table near the door and the streetlights glisten outside, like eyes watching me.

Everything is going too fast. One minute I'm on the street the next minute I'm here. 

'What's your name?' she asks impatiently.

'Uh, it's Luci.'

'Chiara. Welcome into my humble abode.'

Nobody's in the house, so I'm guessing she lives alone, even though she looks eighteen. Just like me.

'How old are you?' I ask as she grabs my hand and tugs me up the stairs.

'Nineteen,' she states. 'Do I really look that old?'

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