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Freewrite 2: Menial Tasks

by Ricky Kingoffankids | Score: 5050

Leone Abbacchio-Bucciarati is not a man who likes asking for favors, nor is he a man who asks for favors often. He makes it a point, in fact, to do that very thing as little as possible, for quite a few reasons: one, asking someone for a favor means that now they can ask *you* for a favor in return, which is not only troublesome, but can also lead to bad things happening to you, in his many experiences. And two, asking someone for a favor means you are now relying on them to actually do what it is that needs to be done, and Leone hates relying on anyone for anything, ever.
Unfortunately, it's looking a lot like he's going to have no choice but to ask for a favor in this situation.
The whole thing is out of his hands, really. He's stuck between choosing the lesser of two evils: asking one of his teammates for a one-time, easy favor, or leaving his very sick, stubborn, and pregnant husband in order to take the rent check from their old home's current tenant down to the bank.
It's still a little wild to him to admit all of that; both the part about Bruno both being his husband and being pregnant. Both of these things came as a shock to Leone, in some ways. Yes, he'd proposed, but he hadn't expected Bruno to actually say yes to marrying him as quickly as he had. And yes, they'd had more than just a little bit of fun on their week-long honeymoon, but he hadn't expected anything to come of that, much less a baby (sure, anything is possible, and Leone's been aware of Bruno's identity since before they started dating, he just assumed that they'd been safe enough to keep such things from happening). And yet, here they are. Here Leone is, staring down the metaphorical barrel of a shotgun, trying to decide who is worthy enough to fulfill this task for him.
Bruno would suggest Giorno, but the day Leone asks Giorno for anything is the day he dies, as far as he's concerned. Just because Giorno is Bruno's favorite child doesn't mean Leone has to share the sentiment. That, and he's probably busy doing Don stuff, anyway, and doesn't have time to do something so trivial.
Normally, Fugo would be a viable choice, but today's Tuesday, and it's the afternoon, so that means he's currently in the middle of his "Passione-sanctioned therapy session", as he calls it, so he too is unavailable.
Trish isn't an option. She is, or at the very least *should* be, in school right now, and once she gets out she'll be doing homework and studying and all that, and besides, Leone doesn't want to bother her, anyway.
So that leaves the last two members of his team, who are usually together all the time anyway, so it's useless to even separate them in his mind: Narancia and Mista. The team's wild children. Leone groans internally when he realizes they're the last options he's got, and he stares at his phone, flicking it open and shut as he thinks.
They're not the ideal candidates for anything, in his opinion, but this is a fairly simple task that won't take long. The bank isn't far, and he knows both of them know how to turn in checks. This shouldn't be something that can be fucked up.
He needs to call them while Bruno is still asleep, because if he wakes up and it isn't done, he'll insist on doing it himself, and he's certainly in no condition to do so. Sighing heavily, Leone dials Mista's number.
The boy picks up on the third ring. "'sup, Abbacchio?" Mista says on the other end. Leone can hear the muffled sounds of the television in the background, probably playing something idiotic and brain-melting which would fit the interests of those two. "Kinda weird for you to be calling in the middle of the day on a Tuesday. Someone die or something?"
"No," Leone sighs, remembering why he hates phone conversations once again. "I have a problem."
"What problem?"
"I got the check from the person who's renting our old house, but Bruno's not doing so hot so I can't leave the house. But if he finds out I haven't turned it in yet, he's gonna go try to do it himself, consequences be damned. So I need someone other than me to do it for me."
"So you want me and Narancia to do it?" Mista asks. "Why not anyone else?"
"Because they're either busy, not available, or Giorno," Leone answers plainly. "You two are the only ones who aren't busy or unavailable. And you're also not Giorno."
"Rude," Mista chirps. "But, whatever, I can let it slide. It sounds easy enough, anyway."

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