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The explosion

by Anonymous | Score: 2050

An explosion occurred at the gulf of the Canadian beach. It blasted everything in its way the people around it ran away in opposite directions.  The sand blasted in the air and left a cloudy dust blocking the scenery. My mom and I were shook from the blast but we were safe in our own apartment. I tugged her skirt and said, "Mom, what happened." She stared at the beach frenzied with scattered people with a horrified face. "No, this can't be." At that time, I didn't understand what was going through her mind but I at least curious. "Mom, mom, what's going on," I pleaded but she stared at the scene a while longer until she looked down all surprised. "Oh Timmy, it's nothing don't worry."  I knew she was hiding something but I was frustrated at what exactly. I pouted, "No Mom, something did happen. Tell me." She inhaled deeply and crouched down to my height. "Listen, your mother has nothing to do with this okay? Don't worry Tim Tim, it'll be okay," she said before kissing my forehead. My innocent youth went along with it not knowing the full truth behind her message. Suddenly, my dad arrived to our room out of breath and worried. As he saw our healthy faces, he collapsed and fell towards us in a large hug. "Oh, I'm so glad you both are alright." but stared at my mother throughout the hug.

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