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Consequential Collision

by Capring | Score: 1300

She gained consciousness in the strange manner of groggy slowness, and quick, shocking awakening as a prickly shock of pain spiraled through her being from her face.

"Kristie? Kristie? Are you awake? Kristina!"

A familiar voice roused her even further.

"...Wh...at...?" she croaked.

"Oh, thank goodness. C'mere, let's get you up. Can you stand?"

"I... don't know... and.... where's 'here'?"

"What? Kristie, I'm right in front of you."

"You're... what?"

She reached out, feeling in the darkness for her friend. Finding a familiar hand, she tried to pull herself up, only to crumple back down when the realization hit her, along with another wave of pain.

"Charlie... I think I'm blind." she choked out, panicking hard. Trembles shook her bruised, dirty form.

The darkness wasn't the darkness of closed eyes, oh no. This was the darkness of dead nerves. Of  malfunctioning biology. Of irreparable damage.

She was blind. 

And she wasn't to be fixed.

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Event Your character goes blind

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