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The Cats of the Cafe

by leaf | Score: 3700

Large, voracious feline eyes crossed within sight of each other, but it was not the first time these two had met with such a fate at hand.
No no no, for these feline fighters had seen each other once many a times before, each always ordering the same meal every single day. Sir Whiskers would take his morning leave of mocha-enriched coffee, a side of volumptuous pancakes with a bit of butter, and the main course of eggs and bacon.
Sir Macintoch would instead opt for waffles, the other type of breakfast usually at war with pancakes lovers. Both full of sugar, both full of wheat, both ready to be decked out in a decadence of fruits and various sauces. Yet lovers of each would vehemently defend their choice - to the death.
And as fate would have it, perhaps such a fight was meant to finally break between these two. Sir Whiskers gulped down the last of his coffee, waving over to the waitress, "Here ya go darlin', I'm all done for the morning. Get yourself a little somethin' nice, " his toothy smile faced in her direction as she gleamed at the bonus in her tip.
As she grabbed along at his plates, Sir Macintoch was doing just the same on the other side of the restaurant, finishing up his meal for the morning. Albeit not with the same nicety of Sir Whiskers, Macintoch graciously tipped his waiter with just a simple nod amidst the waiter expressing his excitement. He rose from his chair and grabbed at it's edge, toying it's legs back and forth, his orange and yellow stripped body bare towards Sir Whiskers.

Amusedly, he inclined his position to the exact same of Macintoch.
"I'd like a day without punishing you," he stated as his mostly brown body with a splash of white on his underbelly became shown.
"Ah you would not have it in you to dish out any sort of real punishment, something we both know Whisky."
His amused look dropped at the mention of this nickname from his adversary staring him down.
"Let's take this to the sidewalk. I'd like to continue having my breakfast here in the future," stated Whiskers.

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Sentence "I'd like a day without punishing you."
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