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by Maverick | Score: 2050

He grabs my hand and swings me around, my skirts swaying in the warm candlelight. His gorgeous smile and stunning way of capturing my attention disgusts me, he's evil and always will be. The people watched us as we danced and danced. Soon they all cleared and the surroundings went dark, it was like there was a spotlight on me. Just me in a dark room, he had gone. Then he reappeared and he took my hand and kissed it, pulling me into his chest as his lips make his way down my elegant body. I pull away shocked that he'd act like that know, we weren't even married yet. He stood a few feet away from me, confused and frowning. I stalked away from him trying to find a way out. I looked back at him and his beauty disappeared, he now was the devil, red horns growing out of his head, his eyes menacing.   My mouth dropped open once I saw him. Orange flames grew up around us and he grabbed my arm, "You're mine!!" I woke up with a scream in my throat. Bloody hell, I loathed Benjamin Morton so much, and now I had to marry him. My nightmares of him were increasing every night, something bad is going to happen, I can feel it. Whenever I'm around him I feel an evil presence, too bad I have to marry him in four days. Too bad father has an unhealthy liking to him. 

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