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The Letter

by Thomas Baker | Score: 1250

Detective Arnold held up his hand and told Catherine to stop talking. "We  are here because you are being extremely ignorant and can't figure out who took your children." Catherine sat on her green velvet couch crying but with an angry expression on her face. "You were supposed to be the greatest detective in all of England, and here you are, giving up on a simple case. For shame." Arnold turned away from the rich woman and sighed. "Ma'am?" One of the maids came into the study with a letter in her hand.  "This just came." Catherine got up and softly took the letter from the servant and excused her. Catherine opened the letter and it's contents were horrifying. It read: "I have your children. You won't get them back until you have told the secret. Otherwise, I'll KILL THEM!!!" There was also a faint picture of Catherine and a strange deformed man in the envelope. "What does he mean?" Arnold asked suspisi   

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