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what if banks had alarms

by Anonymous | Score: 2700

"You know I bet if we came up with a better system of alerting--"
"Shhhhh!" an aggressive shush sounded to Rupert's left. He lifted his left elbow to see under to where Helen hid under a carrel. Her eyes bugged out as she mouthed "Shut the fuck up!" using her hand to point to where the burglars stood arguing about who was going to stand watch. His gaze followed as he strained to hear what it was they were discussing. If Rupert had overheard correctly they were deciding with rock, paper, scissors. 

Helen used Rupert's distraction to scurry across the floor over to a desk just behind where he stood on his knees, hands still clasped behind his head.  His gaze was on Helen's receding form.

"Hey! You! Get back down," one of the gunmen yelled. Rupert yelped and flung himself down on the threadbare carpet. It smelled like feet, impossibly, since no one went barefoot in a bank. At least that he could remember in his years as a teller. 

This situation sadly he could remember previous, similar experiences all too well. He was tired of being held hostage while idiots took too long to figure out they couldn't break in to this vault. 
But by the time they figured it out, the cops had only JUST been notified so they always got away. The different number of masks Rupert had described to police officers, "Yes, I'm sure they were rubber masks of mice heads," or "They were wearing women's hosiery on their faces but then also masquerade masks. There was a hot pink one with a lot of plumage, purple, gold, & green--a classic mardi gras choice, and then a yellow one that sort of looked like someone had murdered Big Bird. Big Bird? You know, from Sesame Street? The children's--oh, that's all you need?"


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