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Riding Solo

by Fiction Ice | Score: 2050

"We are now on lockdown. All members make your way to your stations" 

The order blared over the coms set up throughout the docked space ship. A woman stood up quickly and grabbed a blazer with a silver oak leaf decorating both shoulders. She quickly adorned the jacket as she rushed to the control room. "Colonel Nixon, I am present whats the situation?" The women asked sitting in an unoccupied chair in front of a holographic screen. "Lieutenant Colonel, the data for the Night Eagle was just reported stolen from Headquarter, we got the details that the perpatrator was heading in our region. 

"Got it, Where is Patterson? She should be here by now." The Lieutenant Colonel replied with an underlying bite in her tone. As the words left her lips another woman, this one with short dark brown hair stumbled into the control room. "Sorry Lieutenant Colonel Hauffman, I am ready for duty!" She chirped quickly rushing to her post and took a sit as she began typing.

 "Do tell me Patterson why you not only showed up late but you are not even in uniforom." Nixon demanded his eyes narrowed and storming as he watched Patterson closely. Patterson squeaked with embarrasement as she looked down at the brightly colored ski jacket around her shoulders."I apologize Brigadier General, it wont happen again!" She promised.

Hauffman sighed and returned to her own screen studying the data with confusion. "General? There is something wrong with the data." Hauffman called out and continued as Nixon approached "I don't know what's going on but the readings-" 

Hauffman never finished her sentence as a white light bursted seemingly from all around and swallowed the ship whole. The last thing the crew saw was pure white.

"...nk..waking.......don't" The words came in pieces as Hauffman's eyes worked to pry themselves open with the return of her consious mind.
 "Goodmorning" A voice chirped and Huaffman's vision focused on a young woman. Hauffman sat up quickly. "Where am I? What happened?" Hauffman began questioning as she scrambled to her feet. The young woman put a calm hand on Hauffman's arm 

"You're ship hit an anomaly and spiraled resulting in a crash. As for where you are, Welcome to Certh." The young woman spoke with a light and fluttery voice, it was rather soothing. Hauffman let out a breath just now getting a better look at the woman. The Lilac skin and dark violet hair made Hauffman do a double take at her appearance. 

"Wow-uh- do all inhabitants of Certh look like you?" Haufman stumbled over her words rather eloquently drawing a chuckle fromt he humanoid creature in front of her. 

"I would hope so as this is my home planet with only 3 major races. Now may I know your name?" The purple woman asked with a bright innocent smile. It took a couple minutes for the question to register in the jumbled mess of Hauffman's mind.

"Oh-yeah, Amber Hauffman. Did you-did you say my ship crashed? Were there any casualties? Any survivors?" Amber Hauffman asked frantically. The hope started to bloom in her heart at the womans silence was quickly crushed at her somber expression. 

"There were no other bodies around the crash, you were the only one I saw and was able to save. However a few more minutes and that wouldn't have been the case." She replied her eyes soaked with pity and her lips set in a thin upset line. 

"No. No no no" Amber responded patting her packets for any tech she potentially had on her. "No. No no. I cant be the only one" She kept spewing. Her eys brightened at the feel of my Comp-Broadcast Diver. I swiped above the small screen to bring up the UI in front of me. I kept swiping and pressing icons until I got to the communicator. "Please please please" I repeated those words like a mantra, praying that what the woman said wasn't true. Click, Beep. Click, Beep. No matter how many times I clicked to call every resounding beep would dig a deeper and deeper pit in my stomach.  After one last click on the General's vitals chart I closed my eyes in defeat at the bright red lettering under his name: 


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