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Karaoke Night

by Minuteman | Score: 2600

Bertie knew he could do it. He knew it beyond a shadow of a doubt. He knew he could accomplish this because he truly believed in himself and his own innate musical talent. Yeah, yeah, true--the six PBR Tallboys he's quaffed in the space of less than ninety minutes and chased by two Jaegerbombs certainly helped to boost his confidence. You might say they even inspired him to realize his true potential.

He shambled across the crowded bar over to the DJ's booth, and dug into the little pile of paper slips. After foraging for a pen, he wrote out his request.

"Bohemian Rhapsody." He was gonna put that car radio scene from "Wayne's World" to shame!

Bertie turned on wobbly feet and saw the last person on earth he'd expect to see here in his favorite little dive. It was Dr. Toll, his instructor from Basic Astronomy.  There he way, spectacles, close-trimmed beard, navy sport jacket and all. He looked like he was about to step up to lectern, not tear it up at a karaoke club. He actually held one of those little request slips in his hand.

"Evening, Bertie!" the professor said far too pleasantly.  "Are you an asipiring karaoke showman as well?

Bertie stumbled back on wobbly 

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Prop Include a radio
Character A tolerant astronomer
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