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The Drink

by Gregory Adam K. | Score: 2800

He was always drinking, you would never see him without a drink.  He would come home after work, and head straight to the cabinet to take out a glass and his beloved bottle of Canadian Whiskey.  It must help him to unwind from the hectic busy day, year after year, and day after day.  It takes a toll on the man, I don't blame him really.  He was always quick to get a buzz, it didn't take much for him.  As soon as the effects of the alcohol took in, he began to talk about ridiculous things like how he would leave my mother or how unfulfilled he felt with everything.  It was a routine in the house, he would drink then argue with my mother then she would cry then he would call her  a cunt, and everything would be wrapped up by 10:30 pm usually, depending if it was on Friday then it might go on for a bit.  He was always quick to point out my own drinking, he would tell me that I drink too much and that I go out to the bar too often and stay out too late.  He was always so hypocritical, I never understood why.  I started to tell myself that he must drink to try and to ease the pain from something.  I'm not sure what his demons were or anything for that matter.  Life for anyone is hard,  we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect and we set expectations for ourselves that so high and when we don't meet those expectations we tell ourselves that we are worthless and that we are failures.   Being drunk is funny like that, it gives you a temporary solution to a problem that will be there for you tomorrow and the next day and the next.  What's the point of putting a band-aid on something that is never going to heal.  

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