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BSD FW 1 - Good Life pt 3

by kingoffankids | Score: 2050

Instead, he only allows himself to lean back further into her touch, lifting one of his hands to rest over her far smaller and daintier one on his shoulder still, lacing their fingers together while a slow smile grows on his lips.

When Nathaniel lifts his head and tilts it back, he's met with Margaret's pair of big violet eyes looking into his own blue-green ones, and she presses the tip of her nose against his playfully as well, a wide soft smile to match his own already on her face. Her honey-colored hair is still undone, worn down most often in sleep because even just sleeping with a single ponytail is difficult much less the hairdos Margaret prefers, and falls around her shoulders and neck like the beautiful waters of Niagra Falls.

*Ah,* he realizes, *that is quite the lyrical line, isn't it? I'll have to write some poem with it later, lest it drive me mad, and before I forget it, too.*

"Nathaniel," Margaret says, her voice warm in a way it only ever is with him, after a few more quiet moments pass with the two of them simply observing each other.

"Margaret," Nathaniel says back, his tone soft to meet her own, though not quite quiet enough to be a true whisper or murmur.

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