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Warriors fandom short story

by ? | Score: 4100

Whoosh! Paw steps thudded and a Long furred calico majestically stepped out of the gloom and faced a Black and white cat ”Wildclaw.” The calico said, nodding at Wild claw, “hello Dappledmeadow, why are we meeting now?”he responded. “I am expecting kits, our lists but I also met another kind Tom, he will be the foster father to our kits.” Dappledmeadow replied. “I see, I will see you at the gathering.” Wildclaw said walking away. “Goodbye wild claw” Dappledmeadow walked to her bed of moss in the nursery and fell asleep. “Dappledmeadow? Are you in here?” A voice called out. “Yes, please get Willowwish.” She groaned. “Ok.” The voice replied, a little bit later a whispybrown-grey cat runs in hold herbs, “Dappledmeadow!”kkkkl

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Letter Use the letter R
Words Reach 50 words
Prop Include an air conditioner
Event Aliens invade
Character An artistic art historian
Event Your character loses a game
Letter Use the letter T
Prop Include a fork
Character A noisy barbarian
Event An important deal falls through
Words Reach 100 words
Prop Include a statuette
Letter Use the letter A
Character A slight acupuncturist
Event Important data is stolen

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