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by Anonymous | Score: 900

" i can't find his phone number, do you have it in your drawer?" said samie " No i don't know where it is" said Hunter. " HUNTER! it an emergancy, hurry up and help me find it now!"  " ok ok, calm down".   The boys look every where , while the clock is ticking. They start to panick.. until they open the last drawer. " I FOUND IT" said samie as he jumped in the air with joy. once again sami- " oh no, we need another number." said samie " well where could that be we looked everywhere" said hunter. " i dont know.. wait.. it might be upstairs!" said samie. they run upstairs, while the clock is still ticking. Tick Tok Tick tok. " i don't think we are going to make it samie." said hunter" we can find it we just have to keep looking".   As the timer hits zero they say goodbye. " samie you were the bestest frined iv'e every had" said hunt- BOOM the bomb has gone off. the town is destrowed. and everyones gone. dun dun dun 

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