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A Hero and a Villain

by Anonymous | Score: 2050

One day a girl was walking on the street. It was dark out, and the faint flicker of streetlights was all that was illuminating the road. It was hard to tell where she was going, but she knew the town well, and could easily tell. A bird flew over her, holding something in its talons. She looked up just long enough to tell it was an owl, and that it dropped the paper it was holding. She slowly crouched to see what it was, and hesitantly picked up the parchment. It was a letter addressed to her.

Dear Clara Ludenberg,
Congratulations. You are one of the randomly selected villain students for the next semester. Your schedule and supply list will come shortly.

That was it. 

Thoughts raced through her mind. Why did they chose me? What in the world are they talking about? Villain student? She would never consider herself a villain, not in a million years. But, a rivalry was brewing. And it had been for years.

Collin was walking home from his part time job, when a strange, spotted tawny owl dropped a note. He picked it up without hesitation, and immediately began reading.

Dear Collin Hemming,
Congratulations! You are one of the few lucky children to be selected for the new school for hero’s! Your schedule and supply list will come shortly.

It was a dream of his to do good in the world, and it was finally happening. He 

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