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The Man who'd had enough

by Anonymous | Score: 5700

This wouldn't end like that. No. He wouldn't let it. It couldn't. Marcus Fraxus the third would not let Jamal, his father's killer, to leave this place, not if he could avoid it.
He looked around the room, desperate to find something with which to bring justice for the corpse now laying at his feet. No. He couldn't think about that now. He'd get away. Jamal would get away. 
Marcus sprang to his feet and dashed out of the room, covered in the blood of the man he'd once loved and revered. This wouldn't end like this. Marcus felt his legs and lungs burn with the effort as his body struggled to keep oxygen coursing through his veins, pumping into his muscles. He reached what appeared to be a discarded hangar, in it were dozens of vagrant aircrafts of different shapes and sizes, none of which he recognised. All he saw was an idle craft engineer, sitting on the floor by a plane.  He rushed to the man, checking his pulse. The man rose his gaze, his eyes blank. "We've done it," he said. "War is no more."
Marcus didn't care about any war. All he wanted was revenge. Nothing else. His quarry was in sight. Just by the plane with a turtle painting on it. "Jamal!" Marcus cried in defiance. He ran with all his might, and picked up a discarded white block on his way, as Jamal's short legs struggled to keep him away from his unavoidable fate. 
The block itself was an air conditioner, which Marcus only realised once he brought it down on Jamal's skull, shattering it, under the relentless force of his vengeful rage. He struck down onto Jamal's misshapen head time and time again, crying out at him, at the world, at his father, and the sheer animosity of the situation itself which he found himself in. This son of a bitch killed his father, just after he'd lost his job. This wasn't what he wanted. This wasn't what the astrologer promised him once she read his cards. This was pain. This was misery to the extent of lunacy. This was a ridiculous sort of pain, akin to that which a miserable sailor would feel if he'd found out his ship was destined to be turned in for scraps, but there wasn't anything he could do now to revert this. All he could do was hope to find a bed and rest

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Event A death needs to be avenged
Letter Use the letter P
Character An idle aircraft engineer
Event World peace is achieved
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Prop Include a turtle
Letter Use the letter W
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Event Your character loses his/her job
Prop Include an air conditioner
Character A passive astrologer
Character A miserable sailor
Letter Use the letter H
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Prop Include a bed

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