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Zizzy Gets Scared

by Wildcatgamer | Score: 1750

Zizzy crept across the hallway, where had Zip gone? Tiggry had lost track of again! Now that it was Hallow's Eve Zip had been dissapering a lot. Suddenly Zizzy heard a sound, rattle, rattle. There it was again. She slipped into the room she thought it had came from and there standing in front of her was a ghost! 

"AHH!" She screamed then she turned and ran. 

The ghost chased her into what looked like a bed room. There was a bed and suddenly from the bed came a HUGE shadow it howled. The leapt and Zizzy she turned and ran for the door, the ghost had vanished. 
There was a bang, and bump. Zizzy raced down the hall and into a kitchen. A bread mixer had been left there. Also there was a packet of seeds. She botled outside and there was everbody laughing. 

"Got you!" Said Zip picked some flour out of her fur. 

Willow bumped into Zizzy, when Zizzy turned around Willow grinned, "Happy Hallow's Eve!" 

Pony told her about how they had set this up for her. Willow had been the thing that jumped out of the bed and Zip had been the one who had been the ghost. They had all been hiding in the house but Ziizy had got out before the had been able to scare her!

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Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Letter Use the letter U
Event Your character sees a ghost
Prop Include a bed
Words Reach 100 words
Letter Use the letter B
Prop Include a packet of seeds

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