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by Anonymous | Score: 2600

A light, a mellow light next to me, glowing and providing me with company and comfort. I feel in an island of mellow light alone in a sea of shadows. From here is where all ideas come, I scrutinize the darkness, no input from the outside. Then it dawns on me, like a gleam of light of dawn, slowly crawling across the fields, its light seeping through after the mist scatters. BUt light is also a fundamental phenomenon inside ourselves, and like meteorite streaking across my mind, I think of a world-changing idea. My atelier is too rustic, too simple and humble, but I know how to create things, I have the tools, my hands are deft and able, my fine-motor skills are outstanding, I control silhouettes and functions, I can carve the smallest details and all I need is material and my discipline. No one can tell me what to do, have any say over me, what I do speaks for me. Yes, I am autonomous and independent, this is my territory. While my thoughts diffuse in my daydreaming I see time squeezing before me, the timeline protracts and flattens and I can walk through it, events happen outside of me, or I happen outside of them and I can walk into them in the future and experience what is going to happen. I, who tweaks things and tinkles around with purposes, mechanisms and shapes don't understand abstract things like quantum physics, but I understand that I'm not affected by time, that I remain still and unchanged while everything else is subject to the thermodynamic laws of the universe, I can witness it unharmed and choose the exact moment where I want to step in and lay my hand on it. Everything flashes by and I'm spinning out of control.

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