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The Great Storm

by Jesica Michelle | Score: 2550

JESSICA WAS TIRED OF THE MUNDANE WORLD SHE LIVED IN. SHE WANTED AN EXCITING LIFE WHERE SOMETHING NEW  AND THRILLING WAS HAPPENING EVERY SINGLE DAY. INSTEAD HERE SHE WAS AT HER DESK SIPPING ON SOME MEDIOCRE COFFEE AND READING HER EMAILS.  "Boring" she thought to herself as she clicked through the same crap she received from coworkers on her team and her supervisor everyday. She deleted all the emails she didn't need  and moved on to her next matter of business. just as she was about to start on her proposal she felt a cold gust of wind in her office. She picked up her skiing jacket and threw it across her lap. Now she was more able to focus. Just as she was about to get down to work another distraction arrived. It was he fine ass boss Keri. She secretly loved Keri and everything about him. He was handsome, kind, a snazzy dresser with a sexy baritone voice and he was one of the nicest people she'd ever met. Jess would've described him as warmhearted, a craftperson.  She spent a lot of time daydreaming about the man. 
Jess quickly turned those thoughts off. She was all but sure he didn't have those same feelings towards her and she didn't wanna make a fool of herself, so instead of bringing it to his attention, she shoved it in the back of her mind and always behaved in a professional manner around him. Little did she know he liked her way more than just his coworker or teammate. 
"Jess what are you still doing here this late?" he asked concerned.
"I'm just tying up some loose ends before I go"
"Well lets get you out of here. they say there is a great storm coming." He said as

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Letter Use the letter B
Character A warmhearted craftsperson
Words Reach 200 words
Event There is a great storm
Prop Include a skiing jacket

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