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My Worst Nightmare

by Miles Sevigny | Score: 4850

Once upon a time, a single flower lived in a house. Then a van drove by and destroyed the vase when someone had an idea to make a future. I made a fan, with working dogs with a vroom! And finally Thomas J. Stern helped me clean up my room. The two leaders differed on economic policy. Hamilton wanted the United States to model itself on Britain. The government, he thought, should encourage manufacturing and trade. He believed the government should subsidize the building of roads and canals to encourage commerce. He also favored the growth of cities and the merchant class. A doctor was here by the museum of the hills. Yada yada yada, the queen got sick, the flower healed the queen, queen gave to Rapunzel, who was born is his magic following healing powers, and everything was all flying lanterns and cheering subjects, until... Gothel stole the princess and kept her in a tower for 18 long years. Then I made a pie crust with the slowest secrateary, and the lost dog was missing! Here's the plan: bouncing balls would bounce all the way the the bathroom, where we would sweep with a broom. My watch would tell the time! Then we could save a dragon from the wild wild west! I lost the race because of you! My doctor was here! It was him! You look awful! Where is my cargo?! At Patton School, Hal couldn't go to sleep! Women! Nobody was here! I'm having perfection! Give me my cards! I quit!! Quarrels are bad! Earthquake!! Quit! Quadruples! Boom Bear! Top Cat!! Musketeers!! THIS IS THE END!!! G

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