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by Rae | Score: 3500

I always loved the rain. The soft pitter-pattering of raindrops on the roof slowly getting stronger and stronger until it’s pouring. I was sitting at my computer this particular day, watching she-ra on Netflix for the millionth time, hoping that my dentist would finally let me schedule my next cleaning. when I heard the first clap of thunder outside my window, and the bright flash of light that followed, I was immediately reminded of my little brother, so young, so very dead. He didn’t deserve it, no child does, and with this thunder storm I am reminded of the last promise I made to him, that I would kill the person who killed him, Quincy McAdams. Quincy, Quincy, Quincy, my old childhood nemesis. I never thought Quincy would go this far, but here we are. I head out, into the rain, determined to make good of my promise m. Forget the dentist, forget whatever I was doing. It was time to finally finish of the clockmaker Quincy McAdams. He was in his shop, going something as he always did. I hated to Adam it it, but McAdams was talented, very talented. Somehow, he had even gotten himself a wife, who was pregnant. It seemed he had moved on from this instant. Maybe I should too. So I head back to my very, very, small apartment in New York City. Too bad I’d never move to Venice. I went to bed.  Forgetting eve

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