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Breakfast Announced

by Europe tripper. | Score: 1300

Simon liked the entryway of the Hotel especially when he caught glimpse of the sign that announced in bold blaze letters "Breakfast Served prompt at 8am until 10.30 lingering .
He had not planned on being awake until at least 9am so on this one detail alone a decision was made to book in for 3 days the rest was details, he was not unduly pedantic on Business trips.
The baggage clerk transported his to his room as he wandered into the cool October breeze relieved of the coat he had packed, Europe could be bloody cold this time of year. The air stung his nostrils and bit at his cheeks stuffing his hands into pockets he relished the fur-lined gloves that had perished last winter.
He would find a Cafe and grab brunch before mee

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Event Breakfast is served
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