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Tommy had no idea how the fuck he managed to end up in this situation.

There are hands all over him, touching and petting him. Hushed words are passed around but he can’t understand anything. His mind is clouded, the overload of sensations making it too hard to think.

Vaguely he thinks he hears someone calling his name but the fog is too much and his body is so heavy. Instead he leans in the heat and lets the feeling wash over him. That is until something (someone?) pulls his face up harshly. His body jolts as his eyes shoot open only to be face to face with Dream. Only this isn't Dream. because Dream's mask didn't have a giant X on it or rings of fire around his head.

He tries to move, to struggle, from whoever this is but he can't. Heaviness has settled into his bones, making any movement slower than he wants it. Tommy tries to speak but the only noise he can manage is a pathetic whimper.

The person tilts their head. Something in the back of his head tells him that they don't mean any harm. A comforting voice that overtakes his senses and any thoughts for concern. Dream, this person, won't hurt him. And as much as he wants to fight back he finds that he can't. So he settles for melting into their touch (where are their hands? why are there so many touching him?) and look around them.

There's an endless void that surrounds them. It consumes all light and he can't see anything but the ever consuming darkness. But that wouldn't make sense. Tommy was in exile. He was stuck in exile with his friend. His head hurts, was that pounding always there?

A feeling of wrongness overcomes him however just as fast it was squashed. He blinks and suddenly he's back on the beach of Logstedshire. There's sand beneath him and the sky above him and the sea that stretches on forever. A hand presses his neck.

Slowly he looks back at the being in front of him. They haven't moved but he can feel the way the hands search all over his body, soothing and exploring.

He finds the heaviness has lessened. So he manages to choke out, "Who are you?" The hands stop.

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