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The father and daughter incident

by Simar Vashisht | Score: 3450

My dad sat on the brown wooden porch and bawled into tears. He was slumped forward with his hands covering his face after that incident. I hesitated my steps but decided walk towards him. He looked up and said, "June..." My eyes stung looking at him in this state but I forced out a smile. In my hands was his favorite paintbrush that I revealed from behind me. He stared at it and faced my direction as the rain disguised his tears. He hugged me and said, "Oh June... where would I be without you." I bawled into tears but he lifted my chin and wiped them away. "There there, it's only temporary." He embraced me in his hug and we held each other silently listening to the ambient rain scattering around us. Sirens sounded in the distance and I began to panick. I regained my composure and stiffened myself. "Will we be okay?" I said and his eyes were brimmed with faith. "Of course" he said patting my head.  We waited until we were surrounded by a swarm of police cars and ambulances rushing at our door. A squad approached us with blankets and wrapped us around. "You two alright?" they said. We both nodded and the rest of them barged in the house. One of them muttered, "Oh god..." and relayed what he saw. We both heard what he said but we were already familiar with the details.  "A middle age caucasian woman was found dead on the couch with a stab to her heart." I flinched hearing it personally but a man came out to immediately question us. He had slicked back black hair with a brown coat and a fedora. Dr. Joseph, the investigator at the scene. He asked, "What happened in there," and my father was the first to speak.

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Event Dad just sits and cries
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Event Sirens sound in the distance
Prop Include a paintbrush
Letter Use the letter C
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