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Guns. Lots of them. Strapped to my utility belt, tucked into my pockets, held in a holster on my legs. I'm going to need them if I want to complete this.
I snuck through the streets quieter than a cat stalking its prey. Because I already knew what my prey was. Nobody attacks me like that and gets away with it. Revenge will be mine. And it will be sweet.
I reached the house of my target - 177 Hutcherson Avenue. He'll probably be with a consort, rolling around in bed like a nasty pig. I once had a pig. It died. I killed it and ate its heart and liver.
Her door was locked, but puny mechanisms were no match for my skills. In a couple of seconds, the door swung open, inviting me in. Almost taunting me. I took out two firearms - not the most powerful guns, but easy to conceal in case I was spotted. Good thing too, because I was, and by none other than the person I was trying to kill.
"Ah, look! Someone's come to play!" I noted with disgust how he stared at my jacket when he said that. That's all he wanted - pleasure. Food. Sex. Especially the last one. But maybe I could use this to my advantage.
"Indeed, sir," I purred, batting my eyelashes at him. He grinned.
"Well then, let's dive in!" He didn't even pause to think that something was off. I tried not to shudder as he licked his lips and wrapped an arm around my waist. His glazed eyes and breath gave away that he was drunk, which worked even better to my advantage. The arm around my waist slid lower and lower as he led me into his room until he was practically rubbing his hand around on my butt. I was grinding my teeth aggressively but somehow managed to make the ends of my mouth tilt a little, giving the impression that his inappropriate groping was actually welcomed. Just get it over with, I told myself. You'll get to kill him soon. 
His room was a deep mahogany colour and there was no decoration on the walls. A desk was in the corner, with some papers and a pencil, but the most prominent object in the room was the bed. Of course. It was massive, far bigger than any other bed I had seen - probably so that his time in it with his guests would be as pleasurable as possible for *him*, I thought bitterly. He jumped into bed and waited for me to do the same. Instead, I leapt at him and drew a gun swiftly from my utility belt. He opened his mouth to scream and I hissed, "One word from your mouth and I'll make sure your death is as painful as possible." That shut him up fast. I shot him in the stomach and let blood leak out of his wound. He shrieked in pain and I covered his mouth quickly, but it was too late. I could hear footsteps coming from outside.
"That's payback for my sister, asshole," I growled, opening the window. Realization dawned on his face, but I didn't wait for him to say anything. I sprung out of the room and instinctively curled up into a ball before I hit the ground. My revenge completed, I dashed away and disappeared into the night.

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