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The Library's Pet

by Anonymous | Score: 3850

"Um," said a voice. It was timid; soft and unassuming.

"What," Laura said; eyes wide and grip on the bar of soap failing. It tumbles into the sink with a loud clatter. Laura jumps, and so does the person standing just beside her. "the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck is this?"

The person frowns. "That's not very nice. I'm sorry I scared you, but this is a library. There are children around, you should be more careful - "

"This is the BATHROOM in the library. And you can't just - you can't just expect me to just be calm about this? This is?? A lot?" Laura barely registers it as she fumbles to turn off the water. Hands still soapy, she turns around fully; back pressed into the back of the sink. Her heart pounds in her throat. Surely, she must be going crazy. Surely the events of the day are just getting to her. Losing her job is stressful, sure, but seeing things?? 

"It's really not?" The person replied - tone implying a question more than a statement. Their entire being seemed... unsure. Uncertain.

"Oh, okay, no. You're right. You're so right." Laura nods, and laughs a bit hysterically. She rubs the soap off of her hands and scoots around the person as she tries to make her way toward the bathroom door. "Just a ghost berating me in the bathroom, no problem at all. Surely not."

The person - ghost. An actual god dammed ghost, Laura reminds herself - follows her; frown deep and rather unsettling on their near transparent face. They're smudged in a way that eludes to injuries deep beneath the skin. Like someone wrote on a blackboard in marker and swiped their hand through most of it - only leaving behind the essence of what it once was, with none of the details. "I was just going to ask you if you could help me get something off a shelf. I can't reach."

"You're a ghost????" Laura exclaims; voice pitched high as she stumbles out of the bathroom and - impossibly, by her traitorous body - holds the door OPEN for the ghost to glide out. She ignores the polite "thank you," from the ghost in favor of continuing her internal panic. "Float up there????"

The ghost has the gall to look annoyed. They cross their arms across their chest. "I'm afraid of heights."

If "????" could be a sound, Laura made it. "Ummm. I... I guess? Okay? First, a question?"

"Okay, sure,"

"What the fuck?"

"Shhh!" The ghost whispered harshly; glancing about the vacant library. "The children!"


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