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I can't

by Thelittlething | Score: 1250

I try to love myself but I can't. How can you love me if I can't myself.  Nobody can, nobody will. How can you be with someone who is always sad? Nobody wants to be friends with you, you're too pessimist. You have no vision for yourself, for your future. No goals to acheive. Where do you aim?
You hurt people. People don't wanna stay near you. You're poison. You're toxic. You can't make them happy. You can't be happy. No matter what you do, anything you start you can't finish. Someday you'll pay. You already are. Fuck everything. Fuck me.  

I try. I can't. 
I just want one friend, a partner, someone who I can be myself completely. I can stay there in silence and it won't be a problem. We can laugh about anything and everything. We can be serious. We plan. We try. We fail. We try again. We succeed. Together.

I want to meet you. I want you to find me. I want to find you. I want us to find each other. Please come and say hi. 

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