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Sass gone wrong

by Klaudia Adamus | Score: 3700

There was a buzz, blinking lights, and then darkness. The noise of a thousand conversations stuck in her ears. The world seemed like it was spinning for no good reason. She was exhausted.
"Charlie? Charlie!"
She snapped back to reality. Suddenly she remembered where she was. It was the restaurant she had worked in for the last few weeks. It was busy, every table was filled, and her shift was ending in two hours. Her friend stared at her with expectation - she was supposed to answer. Her mind was still a little absent when she did.
- What?
- Charlie, did you even hear what I said? You have to move, your tables are waiting, and that man in the corner is furious. He says you've been standing here for the last 10 minutes!
- Just leave me alone... I needed a minute, and he can wait his turn.
- Oh, don't give me that! You've been off from the minute you got here this morning. I'm your friend and I just want to help you. Talk to me.
- Who needs friends?
Charlie blurted out these last words with a scoff and a bored grin. She rolled her eyes, took a tray in her hand, [wyminęła współpracownicę], and stormed off in the direction of the nearest table under her care. She was furious. Why wouldn't anybody just leave her be?
She turned her face to a pair sitting at the table and asked them what they wanted to order.
"We've been waiting for half an hour here." she heard the man say.
Charlie rolled her eyes for the second time this night.
- Look, sir. You can order or get the hell out because I have a lot of work to do, and you're not making it any easier.
- Don't you talk to me like that, young lady! I'm a customer, and you'll treat me with respect. Now, let us have some free appetizers so I don't have to go to your manager. - answered the angry customer.
- You can go to my manager and tell him you're a prick. Now tell me what it is you want to order or get out of my face.
The man got up with a grimace on his face. His eyes looked like they were about to shoot fire at Charlie when...
"That's enough!"
Oh, now she was in trouble. That was her manager standing right behind her with a serious stare and crossed arms. Needless to say, he didn't look very happy. Then she heard the words that replaced all her anger with fear:
"Charlotte, you're fired. You can go now."
She looked stunned at him with no words coming out of her open mouth. She couldn't believe it, she blew it again. Third job this year! She wanted to beg him to spare her but there was no use. Even though she was a fairly new addition to the team, she knew her boss quite well as she was always good at reading people. He was not joking and no good would come of begging now.
Charlie closed her mouth, got her coat, wrapped a scarf around her neck, and stepped out of the restaurant. The cold breeze felt annoyingly familiar as it caressed her flushed cheeks. A single tear ran down her face but she brushed it off quickly. She was all alone. Again.

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Prop Include a scarf

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