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by Anonymous | Score: 6200

As the alarm sounded at 5:30 in the morning, Sally sluggishly got out of bed and looked at her pet turtle in its cage. She knew the turtle was hungry so the first thing she did as she got up was feed it. After she fed it she went downstairs to grab some cereal. She could hardly enjoy it with her noisy astrologer of a father outside being annoyed about the sky. Her household was quite chaotic and her mom worked at the zoo dealing with zebras, monkeys, more zebras, and lions. Her mom had worked at the zoo for many years now and overtime war was declared between the zebras and the lions. She was always so sad when she came home and would messily put her hair up with a clamp and eat her dinner with a frown on her face.  At times she would always have a rough time at her job, but on her way to work every morning she would see a warmhearted school crossing warden who waved at her with a smile. Nothing made her feel better than that warden. She carried on with her day and went to the zoo. Sally on the other hand always had dance practice in the morning and she couldn't drive. Her brother was always the one to take her to school, until he got sent to prison. Unfortunate, yes, but he was a terrible driver which was the main reason he was sent there. Before he went off to prison he left Sally with a locket that had a family picture within it, and she kept it close to her all the time. She loved her family, but they were extremely too much for her at times that she needed an independent occupation therapist from time to time. These sessions helped sometimes, but not always, and she still felt overwhelmed by the constant nagging, loudness, and chaos that surrounded her every morning and night. She was a wonderful girl with lots of passion in her schoolwork and dance life, but she found a soulmate and fell in love This distracted her and she was unsure of what her future held. Should she give up on her dream of dancing in school or should she go off and fall in love with this boy and buy a new whip  and be rich. She was a lovely young women with a father who was an astrologist, a mother who works at the zoo, a brother in prison who used to be a passive shoemaker and who knows what else.

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Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Prop Include a turtle
Character A noisy astrologer
Words Reach 100 words
Letter Use the letter Z
Event War is declared
Prop Include a clamp
Character A warmhearted school crossing warden
Letter Use the letter N
Words Reach 200 words
Event Someone goes to prison
Prop Include a locket
Words Reach 300 words
Character An independent occupational therapist
Letter Use the letter S
Event Someone falls in love
Prop Include a whip
Words Reach 400 words
Character A passive shoemaker

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