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Restaurant Revenge

by Anonymous | Score: 3300

How could they? They were supposed to be my best friends. my soul sisters. Yet they betrayed all the years we spent together. I look downat my desk in frustration and sadness. I feel my hands clench and ache with the force. I have to share a dorm room w ith these girls for the rest of the semester and I'm not sure how I'm going to manage it. I lift my head and look outside the window, the sun shinning as if my entire world hasn't been rocked. I look outside to the quad, I see other people walking, laughing and just enjoying company. I look to the grouping of trees and I see them, I feel my anger bubble up again and I feel my chest tightening. The essential oil mist lazily curling through the air, but the  minty citrus smell of the lemongrass has done nothing to change my mood. I push my chair backward, the foot getting caught on the decorative rug and I almost tip over as I shoot up. I have to get ready for work, sitting here stewing in my anger isn't going to pay for my school. I grab my black jeans and black top with the bold red font of the restaurants name scrolled across the back. I put my hair into a bun, grab my keys and wallet and rush out the door. The beige coloring of the stairway looking as if someone hasn't cleaned them since they were built. I walk at a brisk pace to the student parking lot, staring straight ahead in an effort to ignore any of the people who may have seen or heard about the drama happening in my life. As i walk towards my car, the only thing that seems reliable in my life anymore. I finally step into the doors of the restaurant to get ready for my serving shift when the manager sees me and stops in her tracks. I give her puzzled look, what's up Sandy? She turns a little pink and mumbles, Greg didn't call you? No, I haven't spoken to Greg. Was my shift switched? Sandy just stares at me for a second before blurting 

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Character A sensitive aromatherapist
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