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Oneshot but spicy

by Me | Score: 5100

"Where did Logan go?" Remus murmured, looking for the lab tech. He sighed before entering the lab to find his lover passed out on his desk, the tomato he was experimenting on was lying next to him. He grabbed a blanket and placed it over his lover. He also grabbed a coffee for Remy and the shears for the sheep outside. He looked up to see the glass of his window shatter, and a random person entered. "Hey! Who are you!" Remus called, staring the stranger down. He grabbed the emergency knife from his back pocket and drew it, pointing it at the man. The man revealed himself as Logan's old lab partner, who became distant.  Remus placed the blade down next to a box of markers, softly smiling at the man. He was Remus's brother Roman Prince, married to Virgil Prince. The winter air sent shivers down Remus's spine, and he went over to patch the window with cardboard. "Winters been harsh huh?" Remus mumbled, his brother nodding. Patton skipped down to the lab, the joyful curator smiling widely. "Hiya!" He said before heading back upstairs, but not after stealing an egg from the chicken in the lab. Remus softly laughed, picking up his boyfriend and carrying him out of the lab, placing him in bed. He smiled, laying down next to him, taking off the smaller males tie. 

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