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Quick Dance

by Diamond | Score: 2250

Veronica and Anna sat in the room,  Veronica was eating a banana and Anna was looking at her phone, scrolling through her spotify playlist looking for a song to play. "This'll do!" Anna shouted as she got up and dug in her drawer, pulling out a small speaker to play the music on. She also had an aux cord in there. She pulled out the aux cord and plugged one side into her phone and the other into the speaker and started to play "Finesse" by Bruno Mars and Cardi B. As the beginning beats played, Veronica hopped up and started to dance to the song. Anna did the same and grabbed Veronicas hands as they swayed to the upbeat music. "Pff- This is probably one of my favorite songs to dance with when with you." Veronica said, smiling and kissing Anna's cheek. Veronica was pretty drunk, she had drunk a lot of liquor a few hours ago and she didn't go to sleep yet. Anna laughed as they continued to dance to the music, she kissed Veronica on the cheek back. 
"Sadly, Alula isn't here. This would've been much funner if she was around." Anna frowned. "Yeah, but you're still here. As long as one of my lovers are here, im happy!" Veronica said, lifting Anna up and holding her bridal style. "O-Oh-" Anna laughed. The music had gone off and a new song started playing. There was a knock at the door. "Shit-" Anna hopped down and the

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Begin Start typing to begin
Prop Include a banana
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Letter Use the letter M
Event Someone is drunk
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