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by Jennings Alverson | Score: 2550

His eyelids are heavy, his eyes close slightly before snapping back open. Perhaps he should have heard Nathan's warnings about staying up late researching the last string of robberies happening in Woodbury and all around the neighbouring towns. Then again, Jonny had never been the best at following instructions so...

He guesses he will be able to get away with it for a long time. Nathan, the unwilling astrologer, had a soft spot for him that couldn't be erased by even the smallest of inconveniences.

It's weird, to have gotten so attached to the people he was meant to destroy. He remembers having started this by planting a packet of seeds of doubt, waiting for a fight to break out inside the group to destroy it internally. 

Now he wasn't so sure if this was the best way to go about. He wasn't so keen about destroying the people he now considers such great friends. Kyle, a reserved engineer that helps them with the most... complicated... parts of their technology has even remembered to celebrate his birthday in different ocassions. Kyle is a great friend, unwilling to break his trust and go behind his back to do things.

Unlike him. A trau

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